General sales conditions

Article 1:

Unless otherwise specified in writing, these general sales conditions shall apply to all sales agreements of goods or services concluded by BB Concept Ltd., and this despite all provisions which could be included in order forms handed to BB Concept Ltd. Every accepted order shall be subject to the suspended proviso that merchandise and packaging are available.

Article 2:

The goods shall be dispatched at the purchaser’s risk and shall be deemed accepted by the purchaser upon leaving the warehouse. Return of goods by the purchaser shall be strictly prohibited without prior written agreement by BB Concept Ltd.

Article 3:

The goods shall remain the property of BB Concept Ltd. until the principal amount, the interests and any damages, have been paid in full. In the event of BB Concept Ltd. referring to the clause containing a reservation of title or dissolution of the agreement, the purchaser shall grant BB Concept Ltd. the right to collect its goods at its expense and risk, and gain access to the buildings of the former, if relevant. As a consequence, the purchaser cannot avail of any goods that have not yet been paid in full. In particular, he cannot provide these to third parties as collateral or in ownership.

Article 4:

Any complaints in connection with invoicing and/or delivery shall not be admissible, unless these have been lodged within eight (8) days of receipt of the merchandise. Moreover, any proceedings on the basis of hidden flaws or non-conformities shall – under penalty of non-admissibility – be instituted no later than six (6) months following delivery.

Article 5:

In the event of an infringement, however minor, by the purchaser, of any obligation under the agreement, including non-compliance with payment conditions, BB Concept Ltd. may, by law and without any prior notice, suspend the implementation of its commitment under all its contracts with the purchaser, or dissolve these contracts with immediate effect and without any judicial intervention subject to written notice.

Article 6:

Interest on arrears shall, by law and without any prior notice, be charged on all invoices that have not been paid by the due date. This interest shall be the legal interest rate, increased by three (3) percent. Each month that has been started following the due date shall incur the full interest for that month.

Article 7:

Without prejudice to the above-agreed interest on arrears, any amount outstanding on the due date, further to a reminder by regular post, shall be increased by a fixed compensation of twenty (20) percent, with a minimum of EUR 49.58.

Article 8:

BB Concept Ltd. cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage pursuant to the inadequate application or inappropriate use of its products. Should BB Concept Ltd. be held accountable nevertheless on whatever legal grounds, the compensation shall be no higher than the value of the disputed delivery.

Article 9:

BB Concept Ltd. cannot be held liable for the correctness and/or presence of the EAN codes on its products or its packaging.

Article 10:

Re-sale at a loss is prohibited in accordance with Article 40 et seq. of the Commercial Trading Act of 14 July 1991. The purchaser shall commit not to sell at a loss under any circumstances, except for the cases provided for in Article 41 of the Commercial Trading Act. If the purchaser does sell at a loss, BB Concept Ltd. shall be entitled to suspend any future deliveries with immediate effect without any notification.

Article 11:

By placing an order, the purchaser shall agree with the sales conditions of BB Concept Ltd. Any form of publicity pertaining to the goods in question shall be prohibited.

Article 12:

In the event of a dispute, only the Brussels Courts shall be authorized.

Article 13:

The applicability of the uniform laws on the international sale of movable physical property and the Vienna Convention of 11 April 1980 on International Sale of Goods concerning Movables shall be expressly ruled out. All agreements shall only be subject to Belgian law.


Algemeen beleid op het vlak van gegevensverwerking en -bescherming 25/05/2018

BB Concept respecteert uw rechten bij de verwerking van uw persoonsgegevens.

BB Concept bewaart, verwerkt en gebruikt persoonsgegevens bij uw bezoek aan onze website en bij het invullen van één of meerdere van onze contactformulieren. Dit om, mits uw expliciete toestemming:
• U als klant persoonlijke ondersteuning te bieden en u daarvoor te kunnen contacteren
• Uw deelname aan onze acties te beheren

We hebben het recht om het beleid te wijzigen en aan te passen. Wijzigingen en aanpassingen melden we altijd via de website.

Wie verwerkt uw persoonsgegevens?

BB Concept verwerkt uw persoonsgegevens. In deze privacyverklaring gebruiken we het persoonlijk voornaamwoord “we” om te verwijzen naar BB Concept. BB Concept is verantwoordelijk voor de verwerking van uw persoonsgegevens die in deze verklaring worden omschreven en toegelicht. We verwerken alleen persoonsgegevens en we laten alleen persoonsgegevens verwerken als dat noodzakelijk is om de taken die ons zijn toebedeeld, te kunnen verrichten. We verwerken de gegevens altijd in overeenstemming met de bepalingen van de algemene verordening gegevensbescherming (AVG), en met de bepalingen van de federale en Vlaamse regelgeving over de bescherming van natuurlijke personen bij de verwerking van persoonsgegevens.

Als u algemene vragen hebt over de manier waarop we uw persoonsgegevens verwerken, kunt U mailen naar